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Scanning Services

We can scan any size film up to 8x10 inches. Scans includes high resolution files, colour correction, minor retouching and delivery of files by email. We scan prints up to 8x10 inches. Photo restoration is available by consultation. 


Scanning Price List


Scans from slides.
35mm slides in cardboard mounts $1.50 each 35mm slides not mounted in strips $2.00 each, 35mm slides in glass mounts $5.00 each, medium format slides not mounted $4.00,medium format slides mounted $6.00.
4x5 slides $12.00 to 25.00 based on file size.


Scans from negatives
35mm film in strips $1.00 each
35mm film individual frames $4.00
Medium format film in strips $2.00
Medium format film individual frames $5.00
4x5 film $12.00 for small scan, 10mb, $25.00 for large scan, up to 200mb.


Scans from prints
loose prints up to 5x7 $2.00! 8x10 prints $4.00


Glass plates 
Up to 5x7 $5.00
Larger than 5x7 up to 8x10 $8.00


Odd size film scans are $5.00 and up depending on the format


All scans include minor retouching and colour correction. File size will vary depending on the size and quality of the film or print. Scans will be emailed via file transfer such as dropbox.


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