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AIPAD 2018 The Photography Show

The Association of International Photographic Art Dealers held their annual fair last week end and I was lucky enough to get to go. I had high expectations of being surrounded by great photography. Image 130 of the top galleries and book dealers together under one roof! I'll be making future posts about the show because it simply is too vast to cover in one sitting. I have never attended such an inspiring event ever. The highlight of the weekend was meeting two photographers who influenced my photography when I was young. I met Elliott Erwitt and Ralph Gibson.

Erwitt's photography was a huge inspiration to me when I was starting out in photography. Showing humour and hope his images made the world look full of opportunity. His new book of photographs are of Pittsburg in 1950. This was his first big assignment before joining Magnum.

Elliott Erwitt signing books at the book fair.

Ralph Gibson is an photographer, writer, publisher whose books about darkroom technique and theory had a big impact on me. His newest book The Black Trilogy is collection of his trilogy, The Somnambulist, Deja-Vu, and Days At Sea created between 1970 and 1974. Ralph Gibson opened the door to images of dreams and visions. My Polaroid photography was mostly inspired by his work.

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