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Should you go to IPAD?

Doing the math.

Last year I went to IPAD with the intent of organizing a guided tour of the event. I decided against doing it this year for many reasons but thought I should give my thoughts on the value of doing the trip. So here it goes.

Why you should go

If you have any interest in the history of photography this is the place to go. Dealers there have on hand the most amazing collection of vintage photography you can imagine.

History, social history and some of the most iconic images of all time are are display there. Not only are they on display but they are also for sale, and that deserves some consideration. You can, if you have the money buy a piece of history.

The book section is to die for. Not only is it a chance to see really rare photo books but this is where you can get a bargain. Sure you can spend thousands on a first edition Ansel Adams book but you can find all kinds of books at reasonable prices. Last year I got autographed copies of Ralph Gibsons Black Trilology and Elliot Erwits Pittsburg book.

You can meet some of the greatest photographers there. This show is a big deal for dealers and the photographers they represent.

It is the most incredible display of photography under one roof that I have ever seen. If you have never been you need to go.

Yes an original Robert Frank

One of the highlights for me was the Outlaws by Danny Lyon with his hand written notes

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