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Blues Picnic, Frog Hollow, 1989

The Blues picnic of 1989 or maybe 1990, maybe 1991. If you know for sure leave a comment. I don't remember the date but I do remember what a great time it was. It was a scruffy little festival in a farmers field. I doubt that an event like that could happen today. There were kids everywhere, people dancing, hanging out with friends. I think one of things I liked most is that it was small. Probably less than 1,000 people. There's a lot to be said for small festivals. The porch festivals that are now popular are a great example.

If there is a photo that you would like a copy of send me an email and I'll make a print for you. The cost is $15 including postage. Leave a comment if you recognize anyone or would like to share memories of the event.

Last but not least I'd like to pay tribute to Glenn Smith who has contributed so much to the KW music scene. He is a legend.

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