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Moonrise, Three Bridges Rd.

As my last post of 2020, this photograph sums up a year of change. This year while everything seemed to stop, I learned to fly. Flying a drone is not hard. It takes some learning and practice, actually lots of practice and learning. There are rules to know and follow and rule of nature that are less forgiving. It is a thrilling thing to fly this little machine. I feel confident now in my flying and knowledge of the air. The real challenge is learning how what this new tool can do.

Any new camera or lens will, in the hands of different photographers, make different images. How this new flying camera will fit into my photography still remains to be seen. Aerial photography requires planning and careful assessment of the environment while my method has always been an instant of recognition or response. Here in this photo I knew the moon was rising, I was in an area that I knew was clear of flying hazards and I knew this farm would make a good photo. I had an image in my mind, I knew the area yet my first few photos didn't work. The problem was that I was not envisioning the point of view of the camera. I was worried about the power line and battery life in the cold and lack of sensors in the dark, all the technical aspects of flying. When using a camera I don't think about technical things, I just know it. Here at this moment I was able to look into the sky and know this is where I need to put the camera. So up over the power lines, around the tree, back over the field and rotate to line up the road, angle the camera down slightly, adjust the exposure and there you have it. This is the start of being able to see from "over there". For me, this is a big leap. I still have a long way to go to find my voice with this new camera. This photograph is the first big step in that direction. I'm excited about what the coming year will hold.

I'm putting this up as a featured print and for those who would like a print of this photograph and to support local Waterloo region businesses. Followers of the blog can get this print for $20.00 with a gift card or credit at the following places.


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