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My New Camera

So I have a new camera. It's good to change things up and learn new skills. I haven't had a new camera in years and with the pandemic and all I thought I should try something new. My photography has always been influenced by the technology I use. The kind of images I made with 35mm slr cameras or polaroid or large format made use of the character of those cameras and materials. When digital came that was a big shift. After some time I learned how this medium would work for me. Now for something new again. My new camera is a DJI Mavic Air2 (and a Mavic Mini as a back up).

To say this is a big shift is an understatement. Aerial photography requires a whole different skill set from anything I've done before. Where my photography was mostly a reaction to what ever was presented to me this photography requires planning and assessment of so many elements. While there can be an element of spontaneity in aerial photography it requires much more planning and forethought. It is a totally different way of making images for me.

How this will fit into my photography remains to be seen. Anytime I've taken up a new kind of photography its taken a while to find out how to see with this new lens. How will this new way of working reflect in the images I make? What can this camera do beyond the obvious aerial views? We shall see.


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