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Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

I had the opportunity to visit the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory recently. The conservatory features a beautiful indoor tropical garden. Looking at the photos I made that morning I realized that I had not a single butterfly photo. When I finished editing and picking up the best work I ended up with these three images, black and white plant details. The Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory is an oasis of colour and light. I spent the first half hour there just sitting and soaking up the atmosphere, the butterflies and birds, really enjoying the peacefulness of the place before even taking any photographs.


Apr 12

I’ve been there many times (especially during long winters, and like you said it’s beautiful just to soak in the warmth and peacefulness) to sketch and photograph. The other place close by for winter blahs is Belgian Nurseries….they have an annual cactus festival, and have many large cacti.

Replying to

Thank you for your comment. I haven't been to Begian Nurseries in ages.

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