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Paint Series

The "Paint Series"is something I've been working on for a long time now. I started in 2007 I think. One of the interesting things about working on a project for such a long time is how the work evolves. Cameras change, skills improve, editing technique changes and how the project is defined changes. The early paint photos were taken with a point and shoot camera. This worked because the compositions were somewhat random.

This was made in 2006 in Guelph.

abstract, guelph, chesley house, paint

Another element of the paint series is the faces that begin to appear.

I feel it is important when making photographs of graffiti not too merely copy the painting but to make something new out of it. What may have started out as a random composition is made very precise in the editing. Colour, contrast, and lighting adjustments give depth to the image and bring out hidden details.

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